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Note: The product does not have GPS, you need to download the APP to record the current location Product: Lost Reminder Tag,Smart Finder Type: T1 card Type/T2 Rope Type Material: PC Rated voltage: 3V Rated current: 3.3mA Rated power: 10uw Volume: 80-100dB

Warm Tips:

1.APP can only support the email to register now; ( ps: if you have a Chinese phone number, you can use that number to register) 2. The password must be 6 or more and consist of letters and numbers; e.g: abc123; 3. If you have not received the verification code from your email inbox, please look it up in the Junk/Spam mail, it may have been blocked; If the above steps do not solve the "email cannot register the application account" problem, please contact our customer service center first, we must provide you with a satisfactory solution.

Intelligent Lanyard Anti-loss Elves,Make it easier to find things

Features: Thin and delicate, Intelligent trajectory, One-click search, Two-way reminding

Cellphone Transformation Anti-loss Alarm

Monitor the whereabouts of items in real time by interconnecting the anti-loss device with the cellphone APP, so as to prevent items from being lost and find them in time

Reverse Call, Easy to Find Cellphone

Where did you forget to put your phone? Press the device twice to call the phone and easily find it

Disconnection Alarm, Two-way Anti-loss

Open environment: 30m Indoor environment: 10m When the distance between the anti-loss device and cellphone is larger than the safe connection distance, two-way call alarms and timely reminds you to check your belongings

APP Intelligent Trajectory, Safe and Anti-loss

In the disconnection mode, open "Baseus intelligent" APP to check the recent disconnection position of the anti-loss device so that items can be traced

Strong Performance, High Efficiency and Stability

Anxious to Get Out, Always Forget where to Put the Key?

One-key search, Anti-loss and Anti-forgetting simple operation and easy recovery

No Matter How Much in a Hurry to Go to Work, Never Forget to Bring Important Documents

Prevent Your Baby from Wandering off

A high volume buzzer, can be heard clearly outdoor to prevent wandering off

Long Endurance, Easy to Change the Battery

T2: Built-in 3V/75mAh battery(replaceable) It lasts about 180 days. T1: Built-in 3V/150mAh polymer battery(non-replacement) It lasts about 365 days

Simple Configuration, Get started Quickly

One account can bind multiple devices 1. Download "Baseus Smart" APP 2. Turn on the wireless feature of the cellphone, Turn on the positioning function and bind the device 3. Press button for 3 seconds to complete the connection Domestic download method: Android users: 360 assistants and Yingyongbao APP store iP users: APP Store Overseas download method: Android users search for" Baseus Smart" in the Play Store iP users search for"Baseus Smart" in the iP APP Store

Multi-device Binding(An anti-loss device can bind only one cellphone at the same time)

An android phone can only connect to four products. An iP mobile phone can only connect to six products. If you have a problem that cannot be solved, you can contact us by using the information on the manual or through the "Baseus Smart" APP: 1. Click the top left button 2. Click the help center 3. Choose a way to help

Two Styles Three Colors


Name: Baseus Intelligent T1 Card Type/T2 Rope Type Anti-loss Device Material: PC Color: White/Blue/Pink Rated voltage: 3V Rated current: 3.3mA Rated power: 10uw Volume: 80-100dB Polymer battery: T1-3V 150mAh; T2-3V 75mAh Product size: T1-54*54*2.7mm; T2-37*25*6mm Net weight: T1-8g; T2-5g

What is included

1. Baseus T1/T2*1 2. Lanyard*1 (only in the Baseus T2 rope type devices)


Q1: What is the reminding distance between the mobile phone and the anti-loss A1: The effective connection distance between the device and the mobile phone is about 10 meters indoors and 10-40 meters outdoors, which may vary in different degrees due to the influence of the surrounding environment and obstacles, such as electromagnetic wave, water, metal, etc. Therefore, the wireless signal distance will be shorter in crowded places, and it can be longer in open places Q2: Why can't the anti-loss reminder can't be connected beside the mobile phone A2: This may be caused by the blocking of wireless communication on the mobile phone. Please perform the following steps 1. Please try to restart the APP. 2. Please try to restart wireless. 3. Please try to restart your mobile phone 4. Please confirm the battery level of the anti-loss reminder. Q3: How long can the reminder last from its battery? A3: TI model can last for more than 12 months in normal standby. It may vary with user's application environment and objective factors, there may be different degrees. APP is featured with battery level reminder. The normal battery life of T2 model is more than 6 months. It may vary with user's application environment and objective factors, there may be different degrees. APP is featured with battery level reminder, and users can replace the battery of the corresponding model for the product based on the usage conditions. Q4: What's the maximum number of anti-loss reminders one mobile phone can be bound with? A4: An Android phone can connect 4 wireless devices at the same time, while an iP mobile phone can connect 6 wireless devices at the same time, but an anti-loss reminder can only be bound to one phone at the same time Q5: Why didn 't I receive any reminder when the wireless connection between the mobile phone and the anti-loss reminder was lost? A5: Please check the following items: 1. Check whether you have turned on the anti-loss alarm function on the APP page 2. Check whether the notification function is turned on in the Settings-Notifications. 3, Check whether the APP is given the necessary permissions from Settings-General-Background App Running. 4. Check whether the wireless of the mobile phone is always on Q6: How do I remove the anti-loss reminder? A6: To remove the device, click"Remove device"at the bottom of the App"Device settings" page


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Though that the tag would be a bit bigger, but it’s tiny. The good thing that it has strap.

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Terrific cellphone often look for Cr girl buy the shipping wholesale days only after Det ㅎ ㅎ