LED Muscle Power Ball Wrist Ball Exerciser Fitness Equipments

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Wrist Trainer Exercises Power Ball Wrist&Forearm Strengthener Essential Push-Start Spinner Gyro Ball with LED Lights for Wrist excreise,No Need Start Pull String

  • 【EASY TO PLAY&CONTROL】You only need to push the core in the direction of the arrow, start by the internal spring, no rope,small and lightweight, easy to take, exercise anytime, anywhere.This new wrist ball is Auto-Start Style,without pull string.
  • 【HIGH QUALITY】The ball built-in spring uses the inertia of the spring to rotate the center of the ball. The device rotates smoothly without noise.The spherical shell is made of special plastic material and is very durable.It is equipped with a high-grade silicone rubber anti-slip ring.It helps the gyro ball not to let go of your hand.
  • 【EYE-CATCHING DESIGN】With the novel design of LED lights, you can see how fast the rotation speed is. When rotating, the LED lights up. The faster the rotation, the brighter the LED light, as long as it rotates, it will remain lit, set sports, fun, fitness in one,The light will only illuminate when your speed is fast enough
  • 【GOOD FOR HEALTH】Exercise your fingers, wrists, hands, forearms, shoulders, increase your arm strength,Restores muscle and joint pain,help reduce the inflammation caused by Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, RSI or Tendonitis. ideal for athletes, guitarists, pianists, drummers and white-collar workers.
  • 【NO BATTERIES】No battery and any power supply, no electromagnetic radiation,Through human control,Freely adjust the rhythm and intensity of the movement,please CONTACT US if any question, we will give you a 100% satisfied customer service.

How to use:

1, holding the wrist ball with one hand, the opening part of the upward, the other hand will be the head of the rope into the hole in the center of the ball.

2, with the thumb of the hand holding the ball, turn the ball forward, the rope tightly wrapped around the center of the ball in the center groove.
3, when the rope around the center of the ball half a circle, stop turning the ball center. Use one hand to hold the ball, the other hand to pull out the rope quickly and let the ball center rotate at the fastest speed.
4, immediately open the part down, with the wrist part of the ball, until you can feel the speed of the ball can continue to accelerate.
Use for:
1 warm-up exercise equipment, especially for sports people, such as golf, tennis, squash, cricket, badminton, baseball, bowling, basketball, racing and other outdoor climbing by the wrist and other sports.
2. Beneficial to many musicians, such as piano, guitar, drummer.
3. Suitable for office workers, because of long hours, less activity.
4. Teens can use their fingers to flexibly and have some help in learning calligraphy, fine arts and musical instruments.

5. Middle-aged and elderly to achieve the effect of health care

Package Includes : 
1 x LED Muscle Power Ball

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LED Muscle Power Ball Wrist Ball Exerciser Fitness Equipments




LED Muscle Power Ball Wrist Ball Exerciser Fitness Equipments


LED Muscle Power Ball Wrist Ball Exerciser Fitness Equipments