Hydroponic Indoor Smart Garden

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Power: 8.5w

Input: AC100-240V,-50/60HZ


Material: ABS+ Aluminium Alloy

LED Qty:Red(8pcs)+Blue(2pcs)+White(8pcs)

Color temperature:5500K

Red LightWavelength: 660nm

Blue LightWavelength: 460-470nm

Light effect: full light≥75LM; white light≥90LM; red light, blue light≥20LM

Illumination angle: 90°

Working mode: automatic lighting for plant growth or reading


1*Planting basin

1*LED light pole


1*Planting pot


2*Planting medium


1.Check if the accessories are complete.

2.Open the planting pot grill,pull out the cotton pad,and remove the planting medium.

3.Soak the planting medium in water until it is fully expanded(expected 3-5minutes)and fill it into the planting pot.

4.Spread the seeds on the soil and cover it with a thin layer of soil.If it is transplanted seedlings, the planting effect will be better.

5.Pour the water into the basin body and put it into the planting pot.

6.Plug in the power and turn on the switch.


1.Press on/off once,Natural Light mode in full spectrum light.(16hours working +8hours sleep)

2.Press on/off again,Growing mode in blue and red light,blue light promotes the growth of stems and leaves,the red light is for flower’s blooming.(16hours working +8hours sleep)

3.Press”on/off”three time,Reading mode in white light,long press to adjust brightness.


During the planting process of this plant lamp,in order to avoid the unsuccessful planting caused by improper use or the unsatisfactory planting effect,please follow the reminders and answers below:

1.Fertilizer/water injection hole:Replace water every 2-3 weeks;

2.Attention to water shortage:According to the growth habits of plants, timely supplement plants with appropriate water;

3.Applicable plants:All plants;

4.Nutrient solution:This product is not suitable for nutrient solution and seeds, please buy it yourself and use it according to the nutrient solution instructions;

5.Planting mode:Suitable hydroponics or soil culture mode can be selected according to the growth habit of plants;

6.Try to keep the environment ventilated and keep the ambient temperature of most plants within 30 degrees;

7.Ensure that the product is used in normal environment;

8.Do not knock the product when it is working;

9.This product has no waterproof function, do not drench water;

10.The germination stage of seeds has high requirements on the environment, such as the quality of seeds, environmental temperature, humidity, and nutrients in planting media. These factors will affect the success rate of seedlings, so the stage of seedling emergence is best completedunder the guidance ofaprofessionalcompany or personnel.Suggestion: Purchasing seedling transplanting can make the success rate higher.

Answers to common planting questions

1.No teeth grow out of seedlings

Possible causes:seed quality, breeding methods and environment.

Solution:Please buy good seeds, control the temperature of the environment and keep ventilation, master the method of seedling raising.

2.Transplantation does not grow

Possible causes:seedlings have been damaged during transplantation, or proper transplantation methods and environmental controls have not been followed.

Solution:Understand the transplantation method of plants before transplantation, and operate according to the method to control the planting environment: environmental temperature, soil humidity, ventilation, soil nutrition, etc.


Possible cause:Inadequate nutrition.

Solution:Supplement nutrient solution.

4.The leaves turn yellow or wither:

Possible causes:inadequate nutrition, high ambient temperature, poor ventilation, poor water quality, etc.

Solution:Replenish the nutrient solution, keep the environment ventilated, reduce the ambient temperature (within 30 degrees), and change the water in time.


can be placed in anywhere like the bedroom, kitchen, living room, office, windowsill, etc. Plant your favorite vegetables, flowers, fruits, and herbs.

Herbs:Basil, rosemary, thyme, musk, mint.

Vegetables: lettuce, chili, spinach, baby spinach, onion, leek, salad, coriander, green pepper, peas.

Melons:tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, cherries.

Flowers:Roses, baby's breath, lilies, chrysanthemums, daffodils.

New Hydroponic Technology:The special planting medium avoids pest pollution and eliminates mosquito growth. At the same time, using space meteorite medium can improve the germination rate of plants, more suitable for plant growth.

Special Intelligent Lighting:Through the study of the spectrum of sunlight, we use special LED lamp beads to replenish the light for the plants so that they can carry out photosynthesis, having sufficient sun and water supply while avoiding outdoor wind and rain. This will make the flowers more vivid, moving and make the flowering longer.

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The day came for 3 (in Moscow), brought the courier home. Everything corresponds to the description. The children are delighted. Flimsy, but beautiful.


Hydroponic Indoor Smart Garden


Beautiful make numbers of starlets.. My son the adora!


Hydroponic Indoor Smart Garden


Hydroponic Indoor Smart Garden