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Wall-mounted Bathroom Corner Shelf

Thicken silver 1pcs
Thicken black 1pcs
Thicken silver 2pcs
Thicken black 2pcs
Standard silver 1pcs
Standard black 1pcs
Standard silver 2pcs
Standard black 2pcs
A1 Standard 1pcs
A2 Standard 1pcs
C1 Standard 2pcs
C2 Standard 2pcs
D1 Thicken 1pcs
E1 Thicken 2pcs
D2 Thicken 1pcs
E2 Thicken 2pcs
F3 Standard 2pcs
F1 Standard 1pcs
F2 Thicken 1pcs
F4 Thicken 2pcs
F5 Long Rack 2pcs
F5 Triangle 2pcs
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material: Space aluminum

Packaging: box

No. of Tiers: Double

Model Number: pb06

Installation Type: Wall Mounted Type

Feature9: Shelves

Feature8: bathroom shelves

Feature7: bathroom furniture

Feature6: shower organizer

Feature5: shelves

Feature4: Shower Storage Rack

Feature3: Bathroom shelf

Feature26: wall-mounted bathroom corner shelf without

Feature25: cosmetic rack

Feature24: No punching rack

Feature23: Hole-free storage rack

Feature22: Wall Mounted Storage Rack

Feature21: bathroom storage rack

Feature20: bathroom rack

Feature2: Shelf without Drilling

Feature19: Bathroom Accessories

Feature18: Shampoo Holder

Feature17: Shower Storage Rack

Feature16: No-drill Corner Shelf

Feature15: corner shelf

Feature14: wall-mounted bathroom corner shelf without

Feature13: Holder shampoo for bathroom

Feature12: Bathroom shelf

Feature11: Shelves

Feature10: Shelf

Color: Black/Silver/Gold

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