UVC Portable Sterilization Pack Multifunctional LED USB Charging Ultraviolet Disinfection Box

UVC Portable Sterilization Pack Multifunctional Led Usb Charging Ultraviolet Outdoor Indoor Disinfection Bag

UV Disinfection Package-UVC Cleaner Sanitizer UV Travel Sterilization Bag-99% Disinfection Rate-CE Certification-Disinfection for Mask/Mobile Phones/Electonics/Jewelry/Baby Bottle/Underwear/Toys

  • ☺[ High Efficiency] : Using LED UV band 185nm effectively achieves sterilization. No residual odor after cleaning.
  • ☺[ 99% Disinfection Rate] USB power supply, CE certification
  • ☺[Portable Design]: With One-touch operation and automatic shutdown function, thoroughly Sterilization in 3 minutes.
  • ☺[Universal Disinfection Bag]: In addition to ultraviolet disinfection of underwear, also used for headphones / hearing aids / stethoscopes / dentures / toothbrushes / beauty tools / feeding bottles / toys / forks / knife / glasses / jewelry/toys/Mask/ Mobile phones
1.Portable size:Stylish, safe and efficient.
2.Disinfection functions:Super strong UV disinfection and sterilization.
3.Convenient use:For daily use of mask, underwear, mobile phone and jewelry.
Sealed waterproof zipper, sealed and leak-proof, no UV radiation pollution.
Material: PP
Color: Black,Red(optional)
Size: 240 x 130 x 120mm/9.4 x 5.1 x 4.7 in
Wavelength: 185nm+245nm
Current: 0.6A
Voltage: 5V
Light color: purple
Installation interface: USB charging
Type: Disinfection Bag
Occasion: Outdoor, Indoor
Quantity: 1pc
Package Included:
1 x Disinfection Bag
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