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Neck Pain Relieve Strap Moxibustion Health Care Tool

Sea green
Rose red


Product: Neck brace

Function 7: Neck massager pain relief

Function 6: Relax

Function 5: Neck Brace

Function 4: Pain and fatigue relief

Function 3: Therapy neck belt

Function 2: Wormwood Therapy

Function: Moxibustion

Application: Neck

1. Fast fever and relieve neck pain. It can effectively relieve cervical pain or injury caused by maintaining the same posture for a long time.
2. Promote blood circulation. Built-in moxa bag, through electric heating, relieve neck pressure.
3. Three-stage temperature adjustment with timing function. Meet the temperature needs of different groups of people.
4. Ergonomic design, soft flannel fabric, skin-friendly.
5. The size is adjustable, suitable for most people. Velcro design, total length 52cm.
6. Portable. Small size, easy to carry when going out.
7. A variety of charging methods. You can use charger, mobile power and computer to charge.
8. Suitable for a wide range of people. Especially office workers, drivers, teachers, the elderly, and people who are used to looking down at their mobile phones.

Package includes: 
1* Neck brace
1* Charging Cable
1* Wormwood Bun
1* manual
1* Box

Please pay attention to the following items when using:
①If you need to clean, please clean with a fine brush after power off. Hand wash and machine wash are prohibited.
After washing, it must be fully dried before powering on;
②Electric heating products can only use the power cord provided by us;
③Do not use when sleeping at night to avoid burns;
④Do not use this product in wet water;
⑤When personnel leave, please unplug the power plug and disconnect the power supply;
⑥Disabled for patients with heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, anemia, pregnant women, and infants
   Use with caution for young children; if necessary, follow the doctor's advice.

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