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Halloween paper lanterns, ghost festival decoration


[Material]: paper + wire + plastic

[Size]: caliber 7CM, maximum diameter 20CM, height 18CM

[Remarks]: Lanterns can pick colors, but don't pick patterns.


Remarks when you want to take a color shot! Thank you for your cooperation!

Lanterns are compressible, easy to carry and store, and it's easy to hold the lanterns with the matching struts, very simple! The lamp is already equipped inside, the buyer has 2 batteries of 7th, and the switch will be on.

It can be used for various purposes such as decoration. It is an indispensable decoration for Halloween bars, nightclubs, and parties!

Color style:

Pumpkin, spider, bat, dragonfly

product description:
Can be hand-held or hanged

The lantern can be compressed, and there is a small bulb inside. It can be replaced with 2 No. 5 batteries, and the switch will be on. Easy to install

Halloween bars, nightclubs, and party decorations are indispensable. It is also a favorite of children! ! !
Halloween paper lantern style: pumpkin, spider, bat, dragonfly