Digital 300W Precision Camera Waterproof Endoscope Ear Cleaner

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Working Frequency:: 2.4Ghz

State of Assembly:: Ready-to-Go

Rod Weight: 15.3g

Product: Smart Visual Ear Clean

Network Standards:: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n

Model Number: R3

Lens diameter:: 3.5mm

Item Type: Ear Care

Image Transmission Rate:: 30fps

Image Sensor: CMOS

Gyro:: 300W High Precision Endoscope

Gravity Sensor:: 3 Axis

Charging Time: 50 Minutes

Battery:: 185mAh

Antenna: Internal FPC antenna

Connection: Wireless WIFI Pixels: 3 Mega-pixels Lens diameter: 10-50mm Battery capacity: 185mAh Inpute current: DC 5V Charging time: 50min, Image transmission rate: 30fps


Rapid WiFi visual connection. No connection is required to open picking ears. Use optical lens and high-performance 300W pixel. The CMOS sensor has a clear picture, 20X amplifying ear canal & 100° viewing angle. 13 lens combination & 6 LED lights. IP67 waterproof lens. Water washable. Adapt to dry ear, oil ear and other complex environment. 3 axis smart directional gyroscope quick positioning, screen is not bias & shake. High-end OV chip video coding technique, hand-eye synchronous exciting picking! Strong WiFi signal, penetrating power, avoid delay. More safety protection. Earpick head buckle, over-hot earpick protection, timing automatic shutdown, children lock and anti-frost cracking protection. Smart constant temperature control. Prevent low temperature & ear burning . Otoscope: 25°C non-inductive temperature. Earpick body: 32°C palm's temperature. Long endurance. Built-in 185mAh large capacity battery. Picking once a week for 10 minutes can use about 30 days.

Package included

1x Earpick Body 2x Ear Picking Accessaries


Otitis media and other diseases ears can safely picking. Children over 3 years old should be accompanied by adult.

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