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Car Air Purifier Humidifier - 300mL

Color Name
Dark Grey

 Car Humidifier Diffuser, 300ML Cool Mist Potable Humidifiers Ultrasonic Home Air Refresher Purifier

  • When Driving, Body Moisture is Decreasing Every Second!!
    According to survey, when driving, the humidity of more than 75% of the large and small cars are seriously below standard, which is less than
    35% RH. This is not only related to the climate, but more importantly, the air-conditioning wind flowing inside the car will take a lot more water
    than usual, and various health problems will be triggered.
  • In 30 Minutes
    Feed Your Skin with a Glass of Water
    Nano-fine spray, moisturize pores, instantly relieve the body dryness and shine every inch of skin.
  • Not Wetting the Car No Fogging
    1.7 million high-frequency vibration, the newly upgraded ceramic atomizing film vibrates in high frequency, atomizes water into 1~5 micron
    particles, and erupts instantaneously. It does not trap water drops, and there is no fogging on the windshield
  • Increase Humidity in  the Car by 40%
    Leather interior will not crack, the spraying amount is up to 45ml/h, which can fully enhance air humidity inside the car in a short time, and moisturize the air and better protect the leather interior.
  • Name Baseus Moisturizing Car Humidifier
  • Material Aluminium alloy
  • Input 5V/1A
  • Model CRJSQ01
  • Brand Name: BASEUS
  • Model Name: car air purifier,car air humidifier
  • Type: car diffuser
  • Item Height: 1525mm
  • Item Length: 70mm
  • Fragrance: Lemon
  • Material Type: Stainless Steel
  • Shape: Liquid
  • Item Type: Air Freshener
  • Item Volume: 300mL
  • Item Weight: 420g
  • Special Features: Breathing indicator light
  • Item Width: 70mm
  • Amount of fog: 45ml/h
  • Feature: Automatic power off at low water level

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1: Pure water and essential oil is not supported. Please add tap water or mineral water.(chemicals in essential oils easily corrode the water tank and block the mist outlet) 2: Large tilt use is prohibited to prevent leakage from damaging the product. 

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