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Adjustable Yoga Wedge Stretch Slant Boards



Type2: Stretch foot in 3 positions

Type: Adjustable board tilt

Sport: Yoga Pliates

Name: Yoga brick

Item Type: Massage & Relaxation

Halter: Calf ankle stretcher

Function 4: Standing slimming massage/leg stretching

Function 2: Comprehensive Fitness Exercise

Function 1: Comprehensive Fitness Exercise

Feature 3: Foot Massager tool

Equipment: Yoga Accessories Pliates Accessories

Best for: home workout

Application: Leg

Product features: Free combination of angles, you can view the main image video

(Includes two 8.5° inclined plates and one 17°inclined plates)

Combination 1: Two 8.5° inclined plates can be combined into a 17° inclined plate

Combination 2: Two 8.5° inclined plates and one 17° inclined plates can be combined into a 34°

inclined plates

Set Introduce


set1: contains 3 inclined boards (2 inclined boards with an angle of 8.5° and one inclined board with an angle of 17°)


set2: 2 inclined boards with an angle of 17°


set3: 2 inclined plates with an angle of 8.5°



Product name: Yoga brick

Color: black

Size: as shown in figure

Package includes: 2pcs yoga bricks


✓ IMPROVE STRENGTH & CONDITIONING:This slant and stretch wedge helps to make your muscles more responsive during exercising;Helps you stretch properly and reduce the chance of injury.

✓ remained negligible HEALTH BENEFITS:Not only helpful to stretching before/after work out, but also beneficial to the body recovery from plantar fasciitis,achilles tendon injuries, shin splints, calf strains and other foot and ankle injuries and pain

✓ LIGHTWEIGHT, PORTABLE TRAINER: Made of high-density foam -- the popular EVA environment-friendly material

✓ AFFORDABLE AND COMFORTABLE: Can be used for many yoga movements

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